About Us

FENIX was conceived in 2008 with the main drive being to create extremely functional, durable and comfortable apparel readily available to every individual. In addition to offering an exciting new FENIX Golf apparel range, we aimed one step further to allow the expression of individuality on the design process and so came about the FENIX Custom range, tailoring our products to your specific needs.

FENIX Golf continually strives to develop sophisticated sportswear that will appeal to every player. We aim to ensure the individual is guaranteed both comfort and style at all times. The main focus is on sourcing and developing new and innovative fabrics and design options. Style, design detail and colour co-ordination blend seamlessly with our choices of high performance fabric technology. With this, an ability to offer this unique collection to all players, ensuring the wearer performs at their optimal level without any restrictions from their clothing.

FENIX Golf boasts a proud Scottish heritage that is reflected through out our designs and each collection as a whole. Each shirt design is thoughtfully adapted and named after a Scottish clan or geographical area. The standard colour palette used was chosen with the wilds of the Scottish highlands in mind and the hints of blue threaded throughout reflect the blue of the Scottish Saltire. These elements are woven together through out each collection with the addition of a few seasonal twists of colour to keep the collections on trend.

FENIX Custom evolved as a result of our acute awareness of the alternating requirements of our clients, recognition of their interest in the creative process and a commitment to ensuring delivery of high performance apparel and accessories at a competitive cost. The concept of customisation creates an opportunity to alter any of the design aspects in order to perfectly match a specific requirement. Be it a golfing tournament, sporting or corporate event, we can uniquely tailor the package details to your needs in one easy step.

FENIX continues to grow from strength to strength with the support of our new clients and the keen following of our loyal customers. Our full range can be viewed in many exclusive golfing resorts and clubs with our main retail presence being in Asia Pacific at present. Our main aim is to maintain our growth, adding to our ever-expanding portfolio worldwide. 2015 will see us incorporate sales directly through our website, bringing FENIX straight to you, watch this space!

The FENIX team is managed by a dynamic Scots duo whose combined aim is to ensure the consistent delivery of innovative and high performance apparel and products to ensure complete customer satisfaction at all times.

Quality and affordability along with excellent knowledge of our client’s requirements ensures FENIX is the ideal choice.

Play Good; Look Great!